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Efficiency & Conservation: The Cornerstone of a Sustainable Energy Future.

Energy efficiency is the lowest-cost way to reduce energy costs. Combined Heat & Power (CHP) provides two useful energy sources from a single fuel, converting almost 90% of that fuel into usable energy. Compare that to the fuel being used by local power utilities and your own hot water boiler, which only provides approximately 55% in usable energy. This 35% increase in efficiency is substantial. 

This difference saves you money and in many cases there are incentives available. ROI is significant.

Co-Energy Canada provides energy efficient Combined Heat & Power Systems for Commercial, Institutional, & Industrial buildings. Hotels, Sporting Facilities, Manufacturing, Schools, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Hospitals, and many more facilities would benefit from these mini powerplants. Contact us today to discuss your facility, and organize a Preliminary Engineering Study.

Save money. Lower Greenhouse Gas emissions. Conserve our planet’s resources.


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