Co-Energy Canada offers customers a simple way of producing energy on-site to improve their bottom line by reducing the cost of electricity, heat, hot water, and cooling. Our solutions for on-site power & thermal generation are turnkey installations. Facilities that would benefit from our power-plants include properties such as: health-care facilities (assisted living, long-term care and hospitals), multi-tenant housing, hotels, colleges, athletic facilities, food processing, industrial, and many other types.

We were formed to provide a green solution for energy production, using fossil fuels in such a way that results in reduced carbon emissions.  We are big proponents of renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal. We recognize that limitations exist in all those technologies. This will not help us in the near term. After researching the problem, we determined that CHP was a smart and effective solution. The development of effective biogas CHP adds to the equation.

Co-Energy Canada has sought out the industry leaders in the North America CHP industry to bring highly efficient, CHP power-plants to the Canadian market.  Our relationships with leading suppliers allows us to access well designed power-plants, built for better efficiency and reliability.  These power-plants are manufactured using ISO certified methods, and extensively tested before deployment. We benefit from their wealth of knowledge and their on-going research and technology advancements.

Our mission is to be the market leader for CHP energy systems in Canada.  We will use advanced, reliable equipment to create maximum savings for our clients.  We want to assist in creating a greener future for Canada, and provide a solution that is less wasteful of our current energy resources.

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