Environmentally Friendly Energy

All of our CHP units run on natural gas, which is the cleanest fossil fuel, reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. The energy generated at your site is cleaner and more consistent.

CHP Is More Efficient

The fuel used by your utility and your own hot water heater might be 55% efficient in it’s energy production. Onsite CHP reduces thermal & energy losses and has proven energy efficiency approaching 90%.

CHP reduces costs

Prices of energy from utilities also include the cost of the overhead, capital, losses from generation and transmission and their profits – all costs that an on-site energy solution source removes.

Easily Installed and Controlled

Co-Energy Canada provides an energy analysis, planning, equipment installation, start-up service and continuous maintenance agreements with all their CHP systems.

CHP Is Expandable

The entire CHP system is modular. Major components can be added in parallel, subtracted or replaced as needed.

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