A feasibility study will determine if a CHP system is right for you. An understanding of the facility and its operations, and a preliminary review of the utility bills will shed light onto whether a project is feasible. If the facility has robust electrical and heating/cooling needs then a site visit will determine and how a CHP system could integrate with the facility. The site visit will also help with preliminary costing of the project. Based on the cost estimate and savings analysis, and a review of possible incentives, CoEnergy Canada will provide a  payback analysis.


CoEnergy Canada will manage the complete system design and engineering, leveraging our Strategic Partnerships. We will determine the optimal location for the CHP unit, either inside or outside of the facility, and efficiently configure the electrical and plumbing connections. Additionally, CoEnergy Canada will confer with the local utility as required for interconnection approval, and assist with any utility rebate filings.

Our systems can be designed to provide back-up power capability. This means that the system can remain operational during storm events and grid outages.  This is important in facilities that have critical loads.

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